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As a responsible company, we are committed to protection, preservation and improvement of environment, occupational health & safety of our employees and contractors by continually orienting our activities, products and services sa as to:

  • Eliminate, minimize and control adverse environmental impacts, occupational health and safety risks at all levels and functions
  • Institutionalize adoption of environment friendly health a7 safety concepts while designing our products and processes
  • Conserve Resources by applying 3R concepts (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) and minimize generation of inevitable wastes
  • Prevent incidents and ensure a safe & healthy workplace
  • Improve working environment through good housekeeping, take proactive measures for the health & safety of our employees, contractors & visitors.
  • Comply with all relevant legal and other requirements
  • Communicate about good environmental, health and safety practices to the employees and contractors to strengthen their involvement and accept responsibilities
  • Spread awareness about the importance of environmental, health and safety management among our stakeholders such as suppliers, visitors and customers
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