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Tebma Shipping Complex:  Malpe – Hangarkatte – Babuthota

The integrated, state-of-the-art shipyard at Malpe in Karnataka manufactures GTRVs, PSVs, MPSVs, AHTS, DSVs, LCVs and all other OSVs. Tebma manufactures vessels up to length 120 mtrs, width 20 mtrs & draft 6 mtrs at its Malpe facility.

Yard Description

Malpe facility has a slipway complex consisting of 14 bays with the capacity to build 10 offshore vessels per year and repair upto 4 vessels at a time.

This yard of 40,000 square meter of water front land has been acquired from the Government of Karnataka on a 30 year lease.

Hangarkatte pre fabrication complex

This facility has 4.57 acres of waterfront area housing the modern steel fabrication facilities having CNC plate nesting, cutting and hull fabrication shop


Conservation Shed


Separate Conservation shed with integrated Blasting and Painting chamber with two set of Machines (Portable blasting Machine, Air Dehumidifier, Dust collectors, Air compressor, Paint mist filter system, Vacuum recovery system) temperature and humidity control. Area : 60 meter X 20 Meter

Work Force

A pool of professionals skilled in various disciplines of ship building to meet any customer demand.


Salient features of the facility are:

Slipway 21.5m x 210m
Transfer bay 119m x 75m
Outfit bay 128.7m x 34.75m
Main winch 1 x 100t pull capacity
Auxiliary winch 2 x 50t pull capacity
Main shed-new bldg 160.5m x 44m x 32m
Repair bay-shed 80.7m x 51.7m
Outfit-Repair shop 4m x 10m x 12m

Hangarkatte Pre Fabrication complex

-20km from shipyard

Facility for block construction

Plate shed

Profile shed

Panel shop

Pipe shop

Logistics & Welding

Babuthotta Storage Complex - 0.5km from shipyard

Storage shed 84m x 20m x 13m


Babuthotta storage complex
Hangarkatte Pre Fabrication Complex
OSV under construction at the new building shed Malpe CONSERVATION SHED
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